Antonio is new in the surfing community and he don't knows there are unwritten rules of preference, safety and education which must be followed at all times to avoid problems in the water. Antonio is a snake and a kook. We all seek the same thing and in harmony it is much more fun, so we should always keep in mind each of the Golden Rules of surfing. Time to help our friend Antonio and give him some basic tips about surfing. First of all RESPECT!

  1. Don’t drop in

Before you catch the wave you should look and make sure that there is no one already surfing it, in that case DON’T CATCH IT. Please don’t put other surfers in danger.

  1. You will respect the right of way

If you are two (or more) paddling to catch the same wave and in the same direction, the one who is closest to the peak will have right of way.

The one who catches the wave first can also have preference, even if the first condition is not met, as long as they have stood up on the board early enough to make it clear that they have preference (even before the other has started paddling).

  1. You will warn others

 If you have preference and there are more people paddling the same wave, let others know by saying, for example, “I'm coming!”. If there are two of you paddling a wave that opens to the left and right, you should warn in which direction you are going, so that you can both take advantage of it without interfering. For example: “I'm on the left!”

  1. You will stay out of the way when paddling 

When you are paddling from the beach out to the peak of the wave, it is most likely that at any moment you will become an obstacle in the path of another surfer's wave. Situate yourself in a place where you are sure that you are not going to get in the way of other surfers. It is very important to avoid any sort of risk of ruining the wave of the other surfer.


  1. Be patient 

The surfer who is anxious at the peak, who does not stop paddling from one side to the other like a snake and tries to catch every wave that comes, is not well seen. Be patient and stop trying to steal the preference from another surfer by paddling behind his back.

  1. Don’t ditch your board

A loose board in the waves is a potential danger to other surfers. Never leave the board loose in the water. In the event of an accident, you are solely responsible. If you want to paddle out you need to learn how to duck dive or turtle roll so you never ditch your board.

  1. You will be polite and tolerant

If you carelessly drop in a wave or annoy another surfer, apologize politely and be tolerant of other people's mistakes. In the water, be discreet and do not pull more than necessary, as you may be disturbing others.


  1. You will ask for and offer help in case of need

If you are in danger ask for help, and offer it to those who ask for help or need it.

  1. Respect the beach and the Ocean

Do not leave garbage or contaminate the beaches and their surroundings. Respecting the environment is part of being a surfer. If you want to continue surfing for the rest of your life you must take care of the beach and the ocean. Care for the ocean as you would like to be cared for.

  1. Have FUN!

Although you follow all these rules and recommendations, we should take into account the most important one, HAVING FUN. There is a famous quote that says “The best surfer in the water is the one who is having the most fun”. If you are out there having a good time you will spread this good vibes to everybody else around the peak of the wave.