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Say NO to Black Friday

By the end of this week, on Friday 25th November is taking place the “hyperconsumerism party” where a majority of brands are launching campaigns with huge discounts trying to break sales records without considering their ethical and sustainability impact.

Is it a need or just FOMO?

Promo codes here, discounts there, buy now, be fast, shop now, buy again. But are they serious? We consider those brands irrational, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and at the same time participating in those consumerism events created to achieve mass sales.

We believe in a equilibrium of sustainable sales where consumers buy when they are in need and brands produce according to those needs, and not the other way around where companies produce first and then pursue sales at any cost.

Those brands with large margins have the option to play around with prices in events such as Black Friday but cheap buying mean cheap production. And buddies, nothing comes for free, make a quick reflection, you are buying real shit!

High supply comes from mass production, and this leads to many other issues…

❌Ethical conditions are more likely to be violated
❌Increased waste due to packaging
❌Air pollution reaching record numbers due to the amount of shipments during these events
❌Impulsive buys leading to 50% of total returns in purchases in ecommerce, which is transformed to further transportation for the same item, and thus further pollution
❌Overspending for unnecessary acquisitions
❌Small business feeling pressure to reduce prices

And after all, most of those “discounts” are not real discounts at all. You end up paying the regular price, with companies just switch pricing labels and printing them with a flashier font for this special day

Our advice: be conscious with your purchases, promote recycling, reusing and local consumption to be respectful with our planet.

Are you joining this BIG PARTY? WE ARE NOT.

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