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We are sorry… 🙏🏼
As we commented on our previous communication, the current Global Supply Crisis is unpredictable and, even though we did our best to overcome unexpected events, we finally got hit by uncontrollable factors in the production of our wetsuit.
The bad…
The situation recently changed when some of our suppliers could not meet the agreed timelines. Power supply shortages are affecting our factories to the point where they are not even allowed to work more than 3 days per week, in some cases. This is, of course, causing bottlenecks which are impacting our precisely scheduled plannings. 🗓️
At this stage, based on the most recent communication we got from our manufacturer, we are expecting the bulk production to be fully completed and ready for shipping by late December. 🔜📦
The good…
The good news is that this delay will not affect the quality of your wetsuits. We could have changed suppliers at quality’s cost or letting important factors to be decided by good luck. Nevertheless, we preferred securing quality at the cost of a couple of week’s delay. We apologize in advance and hope you agree with our decision.✅
We are everyday working to minimize this unexpected situations and unwanted delays, and we hope we will not need to make this kind of communications in the future. Once more we want to thank you for your patience and we would like to apologize again for these bad news that should not be affecting you, our beloved backer.
What’s new…
In addition, during all this time of long wait for you, we have been working really hard on designs of amazing new products you will soon see. Any idea of what’s pumping? (CLUE: some of them appear in the campaign video 😉).
We also take this opportunity to announce that during the following days we will be launching our new website and online shop, which it is not fully working yet. Anyway, if you want to be aware of the kick-off date, you can sign in in the following link:  Be the first to know what’s going in here ❤️‍🔥
Stay tuned during the following weeks, when we will announce more precise production deadlines 🤞🏽🤞🏽
Warmest regards,

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