Wetsuit Recovery Program

Are you a business?

Or do you have a heap of wetsuits to recycle? We have a dedicated page just for you! Please click the button below and find out how you can donate your old wetsuits to a good cause. For individuals, please find the US and European addresses below to donate your old wetsuits!


Got Wetsuits in the US or Europe? Let's Make a Local Impact Together!

We're currently accepting wetsuit donations from the US and Europe (see addresses below) to minimize pollution from transportation emissions. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover shipping costs for individual donations! However, if you have a bunch of wetsuits to recycle, please reach out to us at support@turtlproject.com. Let's work together for a cleaner planet!

US Address

Kraken Koasters

615 NE Street

Lake Worth Beach, FL, 33460

United States

Europe Address

Turtl Project

Carrer Girona 3

Canovelles, Barcelona, 08420


What happens to your old wetsuits?

Turtl Project and Kraken coasters are committed to not letting used, petroleum wetsuits waste away in the sea or a landfill. We both believe in finding sustainable solutions and offering an alternative.

Man holding Turtl Project's recycled re-wallet

Turtl Project

At Turtl Project, we take old wetsuits on a transformative journey. Through our innovative Downcycling program, we breathe new life into these discarded materials, giving them purpose once again. With meticulous care and expert craftsmanship, we repurpose these wetsuits into our Re-Wallet – a stylish and sustainable accessory that embodies our commitment to environmental stewardship. Join us in redefining waste and embracing a brighter, greener future with Turtl Project.

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Kraken coasters recycled turtle coasters

Kraken Koasters

Kraken Koasters, is a Mother and Son owned business where passion for ocean conservation meets creativity. Inspired by our Co-Founders 5th-grade school project, we asked ourselves how we could continue to repurpose old wetsuits to into unique fabulous finds. Not only did he earn an A, but also ignited a family mission to turn an often overlooked polluting disaster into positive action.

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