In the middle of all this Corona chaos, we decided to launch the first prototype of the Ultimate Sustainable Wetsuit. Sounds a little crazy, but with all this situation, today we value much more things like keeping a backpack, a couple of boards, and going to the middle of nowhere to practice any kind of water sport. 

For this issue we give a lot of importance to our last travel to Fuerteventura, a perfect place to test our first “real” wetsuit (since we started our journey) in all conditions, allowing us to extract good conclusions of how is designed the wetsuit and things to improve on it.

During this trip, we have been testing the Ultimate Sustainable Wetsuit prototype in different types of water sports. We have been surfing in the north part of the island with good swells and playful waves in amazing spots like Cotillo and Isla de Lobos, where we found one of the best right side waves we’ve ever surfed, then for the following days, we moved to the south, where we tested the wetsuit in a different way and use, windsurfing and kitesurfing in a perfect lagoon to break speed records, Sotavento in Playa de Jandía.

Anyway, a paradise for watermen like you! Perfect conditions for practicing any water sport and good time shared with friends, this is the conclusion we extract from trips like this one.

Now it’s time to talk about the wetsuit, we will advance you to a sort of specs after the performance during the test, for sure is one of the best wetsuits we’ve ever tried, awesome fitting and sealing allowing us to get a more flexible wetsuit without compromising warmth. Usable in all the watersports tested, we can trust it is the perfect all-round gadget, all of these without forgetting our compromise of being as sustainable as we can in our production.

Wish you the best swells and winds to start the year, and not more to tell… See you in the water!!

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