Turtl Project for Businesses

Welcome to "Turtl for Businesses"—where the future of wetsuits meets environmental stewardship. At Turtl Project, we're on a mission to cleanse our oceans by phasing out petroleum-based wetsuits. We invite shops and schools to join us by donating their old wetsuits, contributing significantly to our cause. As a token of our gratitude, we offer the chance to upgrade to our eco-friendly wetsuits at a discounted rate. Embrace a greener tomorrow with Turtl, where every wave ridden is a step towards a cleaner ocean. Together, let's turn the tide on pollution and sail towards sustainability.


Introducing the Colwey Wetsuit

Expertly designed for schools and rental usage


  • Colwey Wetsuit: Designed specifically for schools and rental usage, the Colwey wetsuit ensures durability and longevity.

  • Petroleum-Free Neoprene: Crafted from environmentally friendly, limestone-based neoprene, minimizing its carbon footprint.

  • Abrasion-Proof Pads: Built to withstand the demands of frequent use, providing added protection and durability where it's needed most.

  • Back Zip Design: Offers easy entry and exit, ideal for quick changes between surf sessions or rentals.

  • 3-Thread Flatlock Stitching: Ensures strong, secure seams that withstand wear and tear, maintaining the wetsuit's integrity over time.



Wetsuit Recovery for Businesses

At Turtl Project, we're on a mission to make a difference. That's why we're committed to recovering old petroleum wetsuits – and we're covering the shipping costs for multiple wetsuits to make it easier than ever to join us in our sustainability efforts. If you have old wetsuits waiting to be repurposed or would like to inquire about our Colwey wetsuit, please fill out the form below to contact us and contribute to a greener future. Together, we can make waves of change.