Our Story

Origins of Turtl Project

The tale of Turtl Project begins with a group of childhood friends who grew up sailing, surfing, and diving in the vibrant waters of Spain. Their deep connection to the ocean led them to embark on a journey to preserve its beauty.


"There wasn’t as much an inspiration as a need to start Turtl Project," says Sigfrid Rovira COO and Co-Founder. The project launched as a beach cleanup non-profit in 2018, driven by a desire to save turtles, combat plastic pollution, and ensure that future generations could enjoy the oceans as much as they had. But quickly as this group of friends saw there was a need for greater action, Turtl Project expanded into new ventures.


Catalyst for Change

In their ocean expeditions, the founders stumbled upon an unexpected discovery – a wetsuit lying at the bottom of the sea.

 This moment served as a catalyst for introspection. "We started asking ourselves about the harm the wetsuits we were wearing were doing to the ocean while we were trying to clean it," shares Sigfrid. This revelation marked the beginning of a quest to uncover the truth about the wetsuits they relied on to enjoy the ocean and the environmental devastation they might unknowingly be causing.


  Closing the Gap


Yulex wetsuits represents a significant advancement in sustainable water sports gear. Derived from trees and boasting an impressive 99% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional neoprene wetsuits, Yulex stands out as a commendable eco-conscious choice. However, the prohibitive cost, often upwards of $600, has rendered it inaccessible to many enthusiasts.

Recognizing this disparity, Turtl Project launched a Kickstarter campaign for the world's first high-performance, low-impact wetsuit at an affordable price point! With Turtl Project, you can now experience the benefits of sustainability without breaking the bank. Join us in making waves towards a greener future with Turtl Project's innovative approach to water sports gear.



Meet the team

We are Business Majors, Engineering graduates former Professional Sailors and World Champions. We grew up together competing for the Spanish National team connected by our love for the ocean. When we aren’t working on providing you the best sustainable wetsuits you can find us on the water either diving, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, sailing, surfing wakeboarding, windsurfing, or wingfoiling.

  • Nestor Cano - CEO

    New York, NY, USA

    SPORTS: Kitesurfing, Surfing, Sailing, Wakeboarding, Scuba Diving

    WHY I CARE: I have grown up in the ocean and seen with my own eyes the clouds of fish that use to exist in the ocean go extinct. I fear I will not be able to share with my kids the love and enjoyment for the ocean that my family has passed on for generations.

    FUN FACT: Nestor has an undergrad degree from Stanford in Systems Engineering and a minor in Poetry, he is still an avid poetry reader and writer.

  • Sigfrid Rovera - COO

    Barcelona, Spain

    SPORTS: Windsurfing, Surfing, Sailing, Paddle Boarding, Kitesurfing

    WHY I CARE: My deep love for the ocean comes from my own experiences as a water sports enthusiast. I've seen firsthand how crucial it is to protect marine ecosystems for future generations. This personal connection inspires me to drive positive change.

    FUN FACT: When I'm not on the water, you can find me exploring new roads in the mountains with my bike or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

  • Clayton Bull - Chief of STAFF

    Boca Raton, FL, USA

    SPORTS: Wakeboarding, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Surfing

    WHY I CARE: I have always had a passion for marine life ever since a child. I aspired to be a marine biologist due to my love for sharks and other marine life. As I matured, my awareness of environmental issues has sharpened, particularly ocean pollution.

    FUN FACT: Clayton was in the Junior Marine Biologist program at the St. Louis Zoo until 2016.