Meet Galapagos




Thanks to our world-class wetsuit expertise, we have crafted a product of the finest quality with an amazing design, and have produced it with the best low-polluting materials. We are delighted to say that TURTL PROJECT produces the most versatile wetsuit you will ever find at an accessible price.



Galapagos Wetsuit has been designed and tested for, but is not exclusive to, high-performance Surfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddle Surfing, and Wakeboarding.

Wetsuit ranges reinvented. Why having a shorty wetsuit, a long-arm spring suit, a long john, a 5/4/3mm and a 3/2mm wetsuit if you can have a fullsuit for all year long.

Within a 90% monopolized wetsuit industry, with full control over pricing, high margins at quality's cost, and taking advantage of sustainability to increase prices, Turtl Project wants to offer better-quality andsustainable-only products at a honest accesible price.