Our Values

Have fun, save the planet

We reduce the barriers of entry to outdoor activities while also minimizing their environmental impact. By enhancing comfort and extending time spent exploring the great outdoors we enable more people to forge stronger bonds with nature. Our commitment lies in offering the finest equipment and apparel, designed to minimize environmental impact, thereby ensuring a harmonious interaction with nature.

We recognize that the prevailing forces of capitalism, focused on expansion and short-term profits, have caused the critical time that all life on Earth is facing. Beyond the immediate concern of survivability, the detriment to the quality of human life is evident through the undeniably deteriorating health of our natural world's biodiversity, cultural diversity, and the degradation of Earth's life-supporting systems. We understand the significance of growth, yet it's not our sole aim.

Our existence as a for-profit entity isn't without reason; it's the large-scale capitalist entities that are destroying our world. To truly make an impact, we need to operate on a similar scale as these corporate giants. We envision a future where those driven to do good aren't confined to relying solely on charity, but also harness the power of capitalism — the very force that is challenging our prosperity. Our growth amplifies positive change, illustrating that success and sustainability can exist harmoniously, and securing its role as a catalyst for a better future for generations to come.

Commitment to the greater mission

Above all, we recognize that the Turtl Project is more than just a company; it's a mission. We're on a vital mission to preserve our oceans and nurture marine life. We achieve this by prioritizing quality in our products, minimizing environmental impact, and educating the public on responsible environmental practices.

Success is measured by positive change

Success is not defined by how much we sell, but by the number of lives we reach. The more lives we impact, the more we are responsible for upholding their best interests regardless if they are near to us or if we will never meet.

Be The difference, set the expectation

We are the difference we want to see in the world. We set the expectation. We aren't perfect and we don’t pretend to be. But we hope to inspire the next generation and this requires us to hold ourselves to the upmost highest standards so that we can provide the tallest shoulder possible for the next company, person or species to come and stand on.

Sustainable product, process and people

Aligned with our goal to safeguard the ocean for future generations, we must create durable products that enhance your outdoor experiences and deepen nature’s connection. Our commitment to quality expands beyond our product to encompass who and how we are making a difference.

Curiosity over judgement

Our culture is one of curiosity, not judgment. We embrace diverse perspectives and ideas, understanding that curiosity is the key to innovation and growth. Differences are celebrated and asking questions is our superpower.