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International Day Against Climate Change, it's time to act!

On the occasion of the International Day Against Climate Change, and coinciding with our values, we want to launch a message of commitment and unity together with Las Américas Surf Pro. Caring for and protecting our seas and oceans is more important than ever, so we must continue fighting against the harmful actions that are committed everyday on our planet.

Las Américas Surf Pro, as a sustainable championship, and Turtl Project, as an early player brand in sustainable wetsuits, join forces to raise awareness in society that there is no time to lose. For this we will carry out a beach cleaning day during the days of the championship. Keeping our home clean is our responsibility.



Every October 24, the International Day Against Climate Change is commemorated to try to raise awareness about global warming. How did we get here? Since the industrial revolution, politicians and important businessmen have been silencing the voices of scientists and experts who warned of the environmental damage that was occurring.



Currently our planet suffers a great deforestation, more extinct animals or about to become extinct, as well as a lot of native flora. The shortage of water is increasing, in the case of the most serious problems. In addition, we do not stop eating garbage and the majority of the world's population has microplastics in their body. 


What can we do to stop climate change? Many environmental experts say that the damage we have done to the planet is practically irreversible. However, we still have a little hope to turn this destructive course.


On this International Day Against Climate Change we want to give you some tips to combat climate change:

  • Don't waste food
  • Consume local or proximity products, better if they are organic
  • Implement effective anti-pollution measures
  • Opt for renewable energy
  • Choose sustainable and environmentally friendly textile products






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