Philipp Schonger winning third place with a Turtl Project Wetsuit

$17,000 raised at Kiteboard 4 Cancer


🥇1st place - Team Fundraiser

🥉 3rd place - Big Air Competition


Kiteboard 4 Cancer (KB4C) is North America’s largest amateur kiteboarding event, drawing in amateur and professional athletes from all over the globe for the past 17 years to raise money for one cause ... supporting young cancer survivors.


KB4C event spans over three consecutive days, where we harness the power of the elements and the power of community to benefit lives affected by cancer. The events constitutes of a 6 hour endurance race, a big-air jumping competition and a team fundraising competition. 
KB4C would not be possible without the involvement of Project Koru that organizes the KB4C event and runs wellness ocean sport camps for cancer survivors.
Among the many attendees, the Turtl Project team made an impact with our vision to change the tide for marine life and cancer fighters alike. 



Unleashing the Power of Wind and Water for a Greater Cause

Kiteboard 4 Cancer, an event synonymous with camaraderie and compassion, brought together water sports enthusiasts from across the nation.

Amidst the thrilling kiteboarding competitions and cheers of triumph, Turtl Project made its mark with a display of commitment and innovation.


Harnessing the Waves with Turtl Project Wetsuits

Every water sports aficionado knows the importance of having the right gear.

Turtl Project's Galapagos Wetsuit & Impact Vest emerged as the preferred choice for the daring and talented kiteboarder, Philipp Schonger.

Securing a remarkable 3rd place in the big air competition, Schonger delivered an awe-inspiring performance.

His actions became aligned with Turtl Project's dedication to excellence as he wore our wetsuit with pride in the afternoon sun.



A Champion Fundraiser for a Critical Cause

Beyond the thrill of  competition, Turtl Project embraced the true purpose of the event—raising funds to support cancer survivors.
As the team triumphed in the team fundraiser, the total amount raised surpassed an impressive $17,000.

The impact of this contribution will resonate far beyond the event, supporting cancer survivors and offering hope to those in need through Project Koru.


Man wearing Turtl Project Impact Vest Kiteboard4Cancer

Empowering Young Warriors

But the impact did not stop there.

Turtl Project's booth became a beacon of hope for young cancer survivors.

As they donned Turtl Project wetsuits and embraced the water, the joy on their faces was a sight to behold.

Through their thoughtful efforts, the brand empowered these young warriors, proving that even a single moment of joy could make a world of difference.

Moments of Inspiration

Capturing the essence of Turtl Project's impact, candid moments with our wetsuits were immortalized. From kiteboarders setting new records to cancer fighters finding solace in the water, each frame depicted the profound connection between people, purpose, and the power of wind and water.

Discussing Turtl Project's wetsuits at our booth
Standing proudly with a Turtl Project wetsuit
Cleaning up our wetsuit booth

The team united with a purpose with our Turtl Project wetsuits

Embracing Sustainability and Spreading the Message

Amidst the excitement, Turtl Project's dedication to sustainability shone brightly.
The interactive board, adorned with the question "How do you stay sustainable in the water?" sparked conversations about environmental responsibility.
Visitors engaged, shared their thoughts, and embraced the brand's commitment to positively impacting marine life.
And as the sun set on the event, Turtl Project left behind a trail of memorable moments.
Embrace the revolutionary Galapagos Wetsuit, a harmonious fusion of the best features of wetsuits and drysuits.
Experience unparalleled performance, eco-friendliness, and affordable innovation—all while supporting a greater cause.

To Turtl Project, Every Session Counts

As Turtl Project continues its positive change throughout its impactful journey, the promise of cleaner waters, healthier marine life, and a brighter future remains steadfast as our wetsuits reach more people.

Together, we can navigate the currents of purpose and passion. We know that every dive taken is a step toward empowerment and a cleaner, more sustainable world.

A cancer fighter with a Turtl Project wetsuit
Philipp Schonger winning third place with a Turtl Project Wetsuit

Embrace the Galapagos Wetsuit

Discover the groundbreaking Galapagos Wetsuit & Impact Vest, the epitome of performance and eco-consciousness. Dive into the waters with purpose, knowing that every choice you make contributes to a cleaner and healthier planet. Visit our website now to be a part of the sustainable revolution and experience the joy of water sports with Turtl Project.

Turtl Project—Where Adventure Meets Purpose

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Stay tuned for our upcoming article, where we shed light on the pressing "Cancer Alley" issue and its implications for our world.

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