Let’s surf Madrid - Turtl Project

Let’s surf Madrid

In Madrid there are also waves & surfers and that’s why we want to be there.🔥

No more paddling, wave forecasts, boring afterwork sessions, sand in your ass when you take off your wetsuit, jellys or sharks stalking you when you are waiting for the best wave.🌊🦈

Honna Surf Hub, the place with the most flow in Madrid, the place to surf like a pro, or like a kook, the place to celebrate that is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any day of the year!😍

This spring Turtl Project joins forces with Honna Surf Hub, a reference in surfing, spot that works 365 days a year, and a must place for every surfer around the world.🌎🏄🏼‍♂️

Since this week we started a collaboration with Honna Surf Hub, this amazing surf spot, in his shop, you will find a Turtl Project corner and a place to give a second life to your broken wetsuit. Join the vibe and feel the urban wave🤘🏼😎

Come to surf 🏄🏼‍♂️
Recycle your old wetsuit♻️
Meet @turtl.project🐢

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