2021 it’s over and it’s time to make a brief summary of what has been for us.

Turtl Project was born to enjoy the ocean in a sustainable way. Keeping our playground safe while we practice watersports. We craft high performance watersports apparel minimizing its environmental impact and we contribute with ocean conservation initiatives.

Is no need to say that 2021 was not the easiest year to start a project, COVID, Global Supply Chain crisis… but we are not here to complain, it’s time to discuss what we have done!

Our first challenge was to create Galapagos, “The Ultimate Sustainable Wetsuit” an all-round wetsuit, made with the best low-polluting materials, for watersports enthusiasts that you will find at an accessible price. 

In order to avoid overproduction, we decided to launch Galapagos by a crowdfunding campaign (pre-sale). The release of Galapagos was amazing, in the first 24h our goal was achieved and after 40 days of campaign we managed to reach more than 130k USD, meaning that more than 400 wetsuits sold in over +40 countries.

Today, we are happy to announce that production is 100% done, 80% of the wetsuits are already packed and next week they will meet the rest of our products at our Warehouse so we can start shipping them as soon as possible.

During this year, Turtl Project joined forces with entities, brands, athletes and watersports enthusiasts to participate in sustainable initiatives.

    • Beach Clean Ups: This year we organized 5 beach clean ups, collecting +450kg of waste, thanks to the help of more than 200 volunteers, Club Nautic El Balis, Club Nautic Betulo and the Surfest Las Americas.
    • Recycling Wetsuits: Better known as our “Wetsuit Downcycling program”, giving broken wetsuits a second life in order to avoid them finishing in the trash bin. At the end of the year we collected more than 100 wetsuits, reused them to make this amazing product called “Re-Wallet”. 
    • Turtl Project Clinics: We had the opportunity to run some clinics, introducing our brand in some highlighted events in the watersports industry, collaborating with Surfest Las Américas Pro, the Spanish Surfing League and the Fashion Revolution Day. 
    • 1st Congress of Women, Sustainability & Surfing: Participating as speakers, sharing  the mission to make people conscious of sustainable actions and the environmental impact of the materials used on the products we consume.

In conclusion, we consider that 2021 has been an awesome year for us, achieving most of our goals. Turtl Project ideas and actions received full support from the watersports enthusiasts, with this, we feel more encouraged than ever to face next year with more ambition and new challenges. Best is yet to come.


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