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Quick Trip to Las Americas Surf Pro

During these last days, and following the amazing experience we had last year in the event, we traveled to Tenerife to collaborate with Surfest Las Americas Pro. This international surf event takes part of the National Spanish League and in this edition counted with more than 300 competitors from all over the world with some of the best European surfers competing in categories in the European Masters and Lightning Bolt Festival at the same time than the National Championship. 🌊⚡

As a sustainable brand, we started the event with a Beach Clean Up before starting the competition, supported by a local group of volunteers members of an association of lovers of surfing and the ocean who helped us keep Las Americas beach as clean as possible. We collected around 50kg of waste. The beach was apparently clean, but with these kinds of initiatives you realize how harmful humans can be to the planet. Cigarettes, plastics, clothes, general waste and more plastics… To make a proper closing of the event, during the last day of competition is going to be held another Beach Clean Up, let's see if there's a change on people's mind during these days and hopefully we collect less waste than the first day. ♻️

This year we had the opportunity to be in the “Market” of the event, sharing space with other local brands and being able to share our thoughts about the ocean and sustainability with professional surfers and other experienced companies involved with the surfing industry, at the same time we could show to all the people around Las Americas our new wetsuits and prototypes, also letting them test the product. 🤙🏼

To attract people's attention we organized several contests where winners could get cash prizes to spend in our shop, the most successful was the Suit-ON contest, where participants should get in a Galapagos Wetsuit provided by Turtl Project as fast as they can, the fastest of the day would get a 50€ voucher to spend in our shop. The winner of the contest did it in just 22s, do you think you could beat him? 😌

In our stand we also set up a wetsuit recycling point, so surfers could donate old broken wetsuits for our downcycling program and then we could give them a second life, at the same time we reduce the amount of waste we generate. 🏄‍♀️

Following the vision of last year participation in Surfest Las Americas Pro we are encouraged to continue with our vision, since we see many people supporting our ideas and this motivates us during this long journey. We are very grateful to have taken part in this big event and we hope to see the “Spanish Left” again next year! 🌊📍

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