A few weeks ago, we traveled to Tenerife to collaborate with the Surfest Las Americas Pro, an international surf event that was also the last event of the year for the Iberdrola National Spanish League, and that in this edition counted with more than 300 competitors from all over the world. We were happy to share our thoughts with professional surfers and other experienced companies involved with the surfing industry. 

During the event, we set up a wetsuit recycling point, so surfers could donate old broken wetsuits for our downcycling program and then we could give them a second life. 

In addition, before the first day of competition, we kicked off the event with a Beach Clean Up, organized by Turtl Project, and supported by Iberdrola and Lighting Bolt. With more than 40 volunteers collecting litter for more than 2 hours, we collected more than 50kg of waste. The beach was apparently clean, but with these kinds of initiatives you realize how harmful humans can be to the planet. Cigarettes, plastics, clothes, general waste and more plastics… 

On the second day, we ran a Clinic for the competitors and the visitors, introducing our brand, our goals and Turtl Project’s mission. It was great to confirm that the surfing community shares the same thoughts as us. 

On the last day for us on the island, we had the opportunity to participate in the first Congress of Women, Sustainability and Surfing, which took place in the Bitacora Spring Hotel and was broadcast live on Youtube. (Link). Our table was, “Cuida Tus Olas: Surfing y Sostenibilidad” / “Take Care of your Waves: Surfing and Sustainability”, which we shared with:

  • Carlos Garcia (President of Spanish Surfing Federation)
  • Garazi Sanchez (Pro Surfer)
  • Sofia Días (Lightning Bolt Brand Manager)
  • Sigfrid Rovira (Turtl Project Co Founder)  

Congreso Mujer, sostenibilidad y surf

Some of the topics discussed were: “Changes we could make as a brand, institution or surfer to be more sustainable when surfing” and “How do you imagine surfing in the next 15-20 years if things are not changing.”

The outcome of the discussion was that probably the solution is to join forces between institutions, surfers and brands to work all together communicating and making people conscious of sustainable actions and the environmental impact of the materials on the products we consume. 

There is a lot of work to do, but we are encouraged to continue with our vision, since we see many people supporting our ideas and this motivates us during this long journey.

We are very grateful to have taken part in the Surfest Las Americas Pro and we hope to see the “Spanish Left” again next year!

Surf tenerife las americas

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