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That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap! The Galapagos Kickstarter has officially come to an end and it was a wild ride. We achieved more than we hoped so thanks so much for all your support!
How it went:
40 Days
463 Awesome Backers
425 Galapagos wetsuits pre-orders
111,706€ Raised
Most-funded Wetsuit in Kickstarter history
What's next?
1. Within the next 24h, Kickstarter will charge your chosen payment method and collect your pledge. 
2. You will be sent a pledge survey in the next few weeks, this is where you can manage your order, chose your size and preferred color, update your address and pay for your shipping when it's required. You will also be able to exclusively purchase some great Turtl Project add-ons!
3. We will be spending the rest of the year working on getting the Galapagos wetsuit into your hands! Expected delivery is in November and all going well we should hopefully hit this target.
4. Production will begin soon and the add-ons production will start in a few weeks too. We expect this all to be complete by mid-late October, they will then hit the ocean and make their way to your country!
5. Please keep in mind these dates are all estimates and although we will be doing everything in our power to get it to you ASAP, with the world as it is right now you never know what curve ball it will throw next time.
6. We will be providing monthly updates to let you know how things are progressing and promise to be fully open and transparent, as Kickstarter backers, we know how important this is.
Thank you!!
Once again, thank you so much for all the support. You have truly helped us launch an awesome project. This is the beginning of a great journey and we look forward to having you along for the ride!
If you have any questions or need assistance to confirm the payment, please do not hesitate to contact us at along with your backer number.
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