Step by step we are getting closer to achieving what we are hard-working every day since we started with this project.

After doing different drafts to get the best one fulfilling the main specs required, today we are proud to share with you the first big Turtl Project milestone, introducing our first prototype 3D design!!

As regular wetsuit users and thinking on the main needs of watermen like us, we have developed our own wetsuit considering the best features of the market. Our goal is to make a design suitable for all kinds of watersports and in a wide range of weather conditions, all of this without forgetting to offer a top-quality product, prioritizing comfort, and sustainability.

This first design is available in 2 different colors: Deep Ocean & Shallow water, both designs for Male & Female. The thickness chosen for this first pattern is 4/3mm in order to be useful in almost all weather conditions.

Stay tuned to know more about the specs that make the wetsuit unique and different, we’ll be posting soon about the benefits of the Ultimate Sustainable Wetsuit!!

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