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Turtl Project X RSPro

Barcelona is becoming a hub for ‘start-ups’, with more than 1.900 new companies created during recent years. We are very proud to say that most of those ‘start-ups’ are going the sustainable path, and we are also happy to have met a lot of amazing companies interested in watersports like us along the way.

In our attempt to save our oceans, we’ve met our friends from RSPro, a company that not only has eliminated 100% of the plastic in their packaging but has also created a fully biodegradable line of products. In addition to looking amazing on your board, they will not contribute to flooding the sea with plastics and chemicals as wax does.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to collaborate with RSPro at our local home spot in Barcelona, giving local surfers the opportunity to test some RSPro products like the HexaTraction®️ grip together with our new Galapagos wetsuit.

Both brands share the vision that using quality products is a must to enjoy a great surf session, but what makes it even better is to arrive home knowing that, even though we might not be planting ten million trees, together we can still make small contributions to a greater goal.

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