Downcycling Program - Turtl Project

Downcycling Program

Have you ever heard about what Downcycling means? If the answer is no, here we give you a brief review. We give the name Downcycling when we talk about a process where we convert waste or products highly used into new items of lesser quality. 
This idea starts a few months later Turtl was born. We knew how pollutant common neoprene materials were and we decided to do something to give a second life to those old or broken wetsuits you no longer use.
Do you have a broken wetsuit you don’t use anymore? 🤔
We are collecting old wetsuits to give them a second life 🌱 in order to avoid them ending on the garbage 🗑 
Send us an email at or DM us to get more info! 🐢

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