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How Are Wetsuits Supposed to Fit?

When you buy a new wetsuit it is very important to be sure you are choosing the right one. By the size or by the model according to your needs. 

It is very important to choose the right size, this way the wetsuit can fulfill its function when you are in the water. So, which is the best size for each one? There are people who prefer a more loose fit to feel comfier when dressing up, and on the other hand there are people who prefer wearing a size down for a snugger fit. But, who is making the right decision? 🤨📏

We wrote this blog to provide you with some guidance to ensure you wear the correct size!


How do I choose my wetsuit size?

A wetsuit should always feel very tight to your body, if it’s your first time wearing a wetsuit, when getting your right size probably you will feel you need a size up. But don’t panic, you should take into account that when wet neoprene gains elasticity and adapts to your body.

This does not mean that if you wear a size S, weighing 80kg, it’s going to adapt to your body and fit well. In this situation your wetsuit may rip or you simply won't be able to put it on.

On thew other hand, if you wear a wetsuit too large, you might see wrinkles in certain areas of the suit. Outside the water it’s not going to be a problem but once inside, all that space is going fill with water creating bags, which makes the objective of the suit useless, keeping you warm, apart from also weighing you down. 🔥🌡️

Even if it's hard to put on the wetsuit on land, when you get int he water you'll notice the fit adapts to your body and it will not create water bags or any excess neoprene. Also keep in mind that high-end wetsuits will be easier to put on and take off, compared to lower quality ones, because of their greater elasticity. 😉👍🏼


Size equivalence according to the brand of your wetsuit

According to their different patterns, brands have different sizes, that’s why you should look closely at the size guide of the wetsuit you are looking at. Maybe you are normally wearing an M size but you have changed the wetsuit brand and now the same size is not fitting with you. Don’t worry about that, it’s not strange, it’s all about patterns. 💫

We highly recommend prioritizing more weight than height, it doesn’t matter if your wetsuit is a little bit short or long, if it fits well with the rest of your body. One handy tip is to guide your sizing by look at the height limit for each size. For example if your height is 172cm, and on the size guide the MS is 167-172cm but the M is 172-177cm, then the safest size would be the MS, even if your height is included in both sizes, GET A SIZE DOWN!😳


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