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How To Put On The Galapagos Wetsuit

We have been warned that some of you have received your wetsuits, and you would like to get some tips to put Galapagos on, as it’s zipperless and maybe it’s the first time wearing a wetsuit like this. 🤔


How to put Galapagos wetsuit on

Step 1: Make sure that the suit is pulled up to the waist.

Step 2: Place your right arm into the suit and pull up to your shoulder.

Step 3: Repeat the same with your left arm.

Step 4: Grab the upper body panel from the right side, and pull the collar above your head placing your head through the opening.

Step 5: Adjust your lock slide design closure system for a comfier fit.


To take off the wetsuit follow the same steps in reverse order ✅ 🔁 

If you have received your wetsuit we would love to know it, make a comment and share with us photos of you wearing it, would be great! 😋👇🏼👇🏼


Galapagos is here to stay

The pre-order of Galapagos has finished, but Galapagos is here to stay on our website for the upcoming months. Remind if you missed out adding accessories such a Poncho, Re-wallet or any other merch add-on to your order, now you can do it through 

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