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Planet & Wallet Friendly Shipping

At Turtl Project we take sustainability very seriously, and shipping is always one of the critical points. Starting with packaging, as it’s necessary to get orders delivered in a safer way. Most of the packaging is made with plastic bags, but luckily we have other options to choose a more sustainable initiative, caring about the future of our planet. We keep the carbon emissions as low as possible, opting for biodegradable packaging and compostable mailer bags. 📦🌿

As part of our commitment to climate positivity, in addition to using sustainable packaging, all shipping will be sent by carbon neutral options when available, or by postal services, which use existing routes and are the most environmentally friendly way to get a package to your door. 📬🌎

Also, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, “Shipping Wednesday '' is born to minimize transports, once a week (Wednesday) we will collect all the orders and send them to our customers. GOOD NEWS FOR ALL YOU! 😏, this action allows us to reduce the cost of shipping and at the same time being more sustainable, time to go to your abandoned cart and take advantage of this planet and wallet friendly shipping. ♻️🤩

With this you will have to understand that the delivery times sometimes would be affected, if orders are only  leaving our warehouse on Wednesday, placing an order on Thursday will be difficult for it to arrive in 2-3 days... be patient with this. Wait, what day is it today? It's Wednesday, SHIPPING WEDNESDAY!! 📦🌿 You still have time, if you have been one of the firsts to see this post, last call to make your order before we start shipping today! 🔥🔥 


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