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Wetsuit Thickness Guide

Are you looking for a new wetsuit, but you are not sure which is the correct wetsuit thickness for your spot? No worries, we got you!

When looking for a new wetsuit one of the fundamental aspects to consider is the neoprene thickness. 

The first thing you need to understand is what the numbers in a wetsuit mean. The wetsuit thickness or wetsuit width is measured in milimeters, and is usually represented by 2, but up to 3 numbers separated by a slash (i.e. 4/3 or 5/4/3). The first digit refers to the wetsuit thickness in the torso area, the second one to the limbs/extremities thickness (if 3 digits appear, the second number refers to the thickness of the legs area only), and the third digit, if present, corresponds to width in the arms area. For example, a 4/3 wetsuit would mean that the wetsuit has 4mm of neoprene thickness around the torso and 3mm of neoprene thickness on the limbs.

The next important point to know is why there are different combinations of wetsuit thicknesses. First, as you might have already guessed, you need to understand that the thicker the wetsuit, the warmer it is. Unfortunately, it's also true that normally, the thicker the wetsuit, the lower it's flexibility. That is why the thicker neoprene is used for the torso, in order to mantain the body heat as much as possible, and the thinner neoprene is used for the extremities, for maximum flexibility and comfort when wearing the wetsuit.

Now we can finally answer the question: Which is the best wetsuit thickness for you? The answer is that, traditionally, you had to own a different wetsuit for every season during the year. With a quick google search you can find countless thickness charts online according to different weather tempreature ranges.

However, at Turtl Project we have reinvented the wetsuit thickness ranges. As planet conscious as we are, we wanted to avoid having a shorty wetsuit, a long-arm spring suit, a long john, a 5/4/3mm and a 3/2mm wetsuit if we could build a fullsuit to be worn all year long. 

We crafted Galapagos, the most versatile wetsuit to be worn all year, thanks to the 4/3+ perfected thickness allocation. Currently there isn't a 4/3mm wetsuit standard in the market, with diverse and inefficient distributions of thicknesses which limits its target weather conditions ranges.

Thanks to our successful configuration, based on the right blend of fabrics and the perfect equilibrium of thicknesses, we have been able to create the most versatile Wetsuit. This way you can avoid having a wetsuit for each season without compromising any feature.

Our formula is simple: full 4mm (+ thermal lining) torso and 3mm limbs of the best and stretchier limestone neoprene which allows us to cover the widest range of conditions.

Want to know more about Galapagos? Check out the following link to learn the full feature offering here.

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