Downcycling Program

Have you ever heard about what Downcycling means? If the answer is no, here we give you a brief review. We give the name Downcycling when we talk about a process where we convert waste or products highly used into new items of lesser quality than the original ones.

We know how pollutant common neoprene materials are and the short durability life they have (around 2-3 years). We, at Turtl Project, decided to work across and do something to give a second life to those old or broken wetsuits that surf schools and watersports enthusiasts no longer use.

Giving them a second life we manage to extend the durability of these polluting materials by creating new products. Also avoiding them ending in the garbage as usually people don’t know how to recycle them properly.

As for the downcycled products designed, every piece is unique, fresh, durable and has a commitment with nature.

Our goal with this program is to encourage and make people conscious to preserve and respect our environment.

If you like to support this initiative providing us old or broken wetsuits contact us at! *Contributors will get exclusive rewards & discounts ;)

In case you are a Sailing Center, Surf School, Shop or planning to do any water sports event we can provide you a downcycling point. Contact us to get more info!