Downcycling Program


Not only is it devastatingly harmful to produce petroleum-based wetsuits but also, at the end of their short lived lives (around 1-2 years), wetsuits sit in landfills for hundreds of years, slowly decomposing and leaking harmful chemicals into the environment. We, at Turtl Project, decided to do something about this and give those poor old broken wetsuits a second chance.


Downcycling is process of re-purposing products that are reaching the end of their life cycle, into raw materials for new products. Not only is this a great way to decrease the demand for more petroleum neoprene but also it prolongs the life of wetsuits already in circulation, which avoids adding more waste to landfills. 

At Turtl Project we downcycle old petroleum wetsuits into products such as the Re-Wallet.


Every Turtl Project downcycled product is unique, high-quality, durable and committed towards ocean preservation. 


If you'd like to donate make a donation to our downcycling program (any condition accepted) or would like to receive a free downcycling point, please reach out to us at!