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How to be a sustainable surfer

Isn't it contradictory to use pollutant apparel to enjoy our playground?

Being conscious of taking care of the oceans and the planet should be part of the surfer’s DNA. Taking care of the ocean is taking care of your recreation area, your life and we could almost say your home. 

Even so, the environmental impact of surfing, and although it may seem like an "eco-friendly" sport, the material used, displacements and sunscreens or paraffins we use may be more polluting than it seems.

What can I do to be a more sustainable surfer?

It’s not just one thing you can do to be more sustainable, we are going to give you some quick tips you can follow to make a change in surfing, and with it in the environment around you. 🌊🏄🏼‍♂️

  1. Use environmentally friendly sunscreens

Everything we put on our skin ends up going into the ocean. Using environmentally friendly sunscreens you are helping a lot to minimize the impact of surfing on the ocean. ☀️🕶️

  1. Bio paraffins

The same concept that applies to sun creams applies to wax. Do you know how much wax stays on beaches or in the sea? There are some ecological surf brands where you can choose the most suitable wax for your board. 

  1. Repair your neoprene 

Buying a new neoprene is always cool, but giving second chances to clothes will make the planet suffer less. In addition to this we would like to introduce you to our downcycling program, where you can give your wetsuit a second life when you think it’s useless, give us your wetsuit and we would give them a second life.♻️
  1. Join the trend "Get 5" 

In Turtl Project we try to join forces with surfers to encourage them to collect at least 5 pieces of garbage every time they go to the beach to surf. With all the surfers we are, can you imagine the impact we could have if everyone is following this “trend”? 💫

  1. Travel local

Airplanes are one of the most polluting means of transport. I know that the prospect of surfing in the Maldives is tempting, but I’m sure close to you it’s possible to find top locations for surfing before taking a plane. ✈️

  1. Get your Petroleum-free wetsuit

Last but not least, we should talk about wetsuits. Not sure if you all know, traditional wetsuits are made of petroleum-based materials. At Turtl Project we give watermen the best alternative to be more sustainable. Galapagos is made with recycled materials and limestone based neoprene, which not only avoids harmful refined petroleum in the production process but also gives revolutionary flexibility, lighter overall weight and incomparable heat insulation.

Remember that every time you consume something you are choosing the type of society you want to live in, so before buying/using certain products, find out how it’s produced, the impact on the environment and look for eco-friendly alternatives. 🌿🐢

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